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Foodkitchen is fun, refreshing, innovative and always inspired. We have a kitchen filled to the brim with a dazzling array of delectable culinary products we hope you will enjoy as much as we do. But fun aside, we also believe in impeccable service. We love people, markets, brands, shops, quality and fine products.


Foodkitchen was founded by Michel Hendriks in 2003. He wanted to use his business talent, creative mind and his nose for new things to put innovations on the store shelves. The idea behind Foodkitchen is to search for new food products as a partner of purchasers and at the same time use Foodkitchen as a venue for smaller suppliers with artisanal products prepared according to traditional methods. In just a few years Michel and his wife have managed to build Foodkitchen into a serious importer and distributor of delicatessen, luxury food products and culinary gifts in The Netherlands.


Foodkitchen is, amongst others, the exclusive importer in The Netherlands for a number of superb brands like Choc-o-lait, Cape Herb, Drink Me Chai and Rawbite. Apart from that, Foodkitchen sells a wide range of BBQ products under their own brand Not Just BBQ, chocolate, cookies, syrups and other goodies, each of those products with the allure of a quality present!


For the ultimate in culinary gifts there is à Table!. As “brand builder” pur sang, a Table! is Foodkitchen’s line of delectable and affordable culinary treats.

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