The famous syrups of Monin

Monin is one of the oldest and most renowned manufacturers of syrups in the world. The French family company is leader in premium syrups for bars and restaurants, but makes syrups for at home too. The assortment is immense. There are over 100 different flavours that are being sold in over 100 different countries. Not a small achievement, but Monin has mastered the art of 'catching' a certain flavour in a syrup. And in a way that makes sure the taste stays optimized while mixing the syrup. Above all, only the best ingredients are used as resources. Foodkitchen offers a small assortment of Monin syrups, aimed especially for usage with coffee and tea. But ofcourse they taste great with desserts, ice cream and pancakes as well. Since may of 2013, the flavours White chocolate, Speculoos and Cinnamon are available at Foodkitchen.

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