Drink Me Chai. Exotic hot drinks with tea, milk and spices

Drink me Chai is a new type of hot drink for people that want something different than coffee, tea, cappuccino or latte. Chai is Indian for ‘tea’, but in the Western world it represents a luxury composition of sweetened black tea, milk or cream and exotic spices. Chai is one of the rising stars of thenew hot drinks besides coffee- and tea variants.


In some countries, chai is prepared with hot water, but we usually use hot (steamed) milk. You prepare Chai by putting a few (tea)spoons of Chai powder in a mug, then mix this with a little bit of hot water, and stir this till it’s a paste. Finally, add hot (steamed) milk. Drink me Chai has all the anti-oxidants of tea, but it has a deliciously sweet and creamy taste thanks to the use of spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom or clove. Because Drink me Chai is prepared with – preferably steamed – milk, it tastes mostly like a spiced hot milk drink. Drink me Chai is 99% decaf.


In combination with (vanilla)ice cream, fresh fruit, and cold milk, you can also make Iced Chai, smoothies and milkshakes. Click here for more inspiration and recipes and see how easy it is to make all the different kinds of delicious Drink Me Chai variants.

Thanks to the excellent balance in flavour, Drink Me Chai is leader of ‘instant chai’ in England. In England, Drink Me Chai is’nt just available at all the top retailers, but also at several leading coffee companies like the Bagel Factory, Caffe Nero and Coffee Republic. So it’s about time the netherlands get to know Drink Me Chai!


Drink Me Chai is available in no less than six delicious flavours. Besides the Chai latte spiced and vanilla chai, we now also have the Chocolate Chai, Peppermint Chai, Mango Chai and Green Tea Chai. We have 250gram cans for use at home, and 1 kilo cans for use in catering and restaurants. The kilo cans have a few recipes for Chai (with hot water), Chai latte(with steamed milk), Iced chai(with ice cream), and for chai milkshakes(with cold milk and ice cream) on the back.

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