Chocolate sticks of Choc-o-lait

Choc-o-lait is the absolute “Grand Cru” among the hot cocoas. The prizewinning “chocolate stick” has earned its place in the trinity “Coffee, Tea,…Choc-o-lait”. Stir the stick with divine Belgian chocolate in a cup of hot milk and you will have a heavenly cup of hot cocoa in the blink of an eye. Choc-o-lait is a product made by artisans using the finest quality Callebaut chocolate. Click “Organic” for the organic options.


In order to meet the strict legislation concerning food safety all sticks are packed either individually, per two or per four in a transparent “flowpack”. It also contains a card in Choc-o-lait style with preparation instructions. We continuously work at optimizing the production process and Choc-o-lait’s preparation method, so now Choc-o-lait has an optimum melting process. We also managed to increase the shelf life: from three months to no less than seven months! All this while maintaining the unadulterated, fresh and artisanal nature of Choc-o-lait.


For the foodservice we have a complete package available including a milk machine, Choc-o-lait cups and saucers and promotional material.


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